How Does SmartHub Enhance Your Operations?

Customizable Zone Control - Enhancing Delivery Efficiency

✓ Manage delivery zones and clusters for balanced customer reach and improved delivery time

✓ Utilize data-driven capacity analysis to optimize location proximity with geo-fencing

✓ Deploy strategic resources based on heatmap analysis for optimal efficiency

Dynamic Order Distribution - Automated Assignment Across In-house Fleet and 3PLs

✓ Seamlessly integrate with 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) via rule-based automated order assignment

✓ Intelligent assignment and reassignment between in-house fleet and 3PLs, using customizable algorithms

✓ Optimize productivity by leveraging the synergy of both in-house fleet and 3PLs

Dashboard & Report Management - Elevate Service Standards

✓ Intuitive dashboard for real-time performance monitoring and tracking

✓ Interactive Business Intelligence (BI) reporting on order trends and fleet performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making

✓ In-depth order tracking and irregularity log for streamlined follow-up processes

Performance Management Tools - Cultivate an Exceptional Team

✓ Monitor SLA performance and efficiency through comprehensive reporting

✓ Encourage motivation with rewarding and performance grading mechanisms

✓ Foster continuous quality control with in-app training, assessment, and support initiatives

In-App Communications - Seamlessly Connected In-House Fleet

✓ Receive crucial updates on traffic, weather, and special notices

✓ Pre-alerts for workforce arrangements

✓ Reminders for duty start and reporting deadlines

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