How Does Enterprise Benefit You?

Standalone Cloud Environment - Empowering System Control

✓ Facilitates extensive customization to address specific needs

✓ Offers ample storage and processing capacity for efficient management of large databases

✓ Provides flexibility within the development cycle and scalability to support business operations

Huge Order & Fleet Management - Streamlined Efficiency

✓ System capacity to manage extensive order volumes and large fleet sizes

✓ Minimization of manual tasks, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency

✓ Accommodation of various vehicle types with adaptable dispatch strategies tailored to each type

✓ Rider app extension with utility enhancements: Dispatch algorithm, Push notifications and announcements, In-app training, Continuous quality control assessment and support

Enhanced Integration Features - Empowering Operational Excellence

✓ Specialized APIs, encompassing tasks like opening new stores, adjusting store status, and modifying delivery regions

✓ Customizable service fee regulations, catering to courier or vehicle type, as well as peak days or hours

✓ Tailored adaptations to align with enterprise fleet criteria

✓ Over 100 feature enhancements tailored to fulfill specific business requirements

Dynamic Order Distribution - Automated Assignments for In-House Fleet and 3PLs

✓ Seamlessly integrate with 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) through automated rule-based order assignment

✓ Intelligently allocate and re-allocate tasks between in-house fleets and 3PLs using configurable algorithms

✓ Optimize productivity by harnessing the synergy of both in-house fleets and 3PLs

Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports - Commanding Performance Control

✓ Access a unified dashboard providing real-time overviews of all operations

✓ Experience instantaneous data updates across all sections, including Order, Map, and Fleet

✓ Generate online-view reports and facilitate data exportation for diverse demand requirements

Special Feature Developments - Tackling Unique Challenges

✓ Customized feature development on a project-by-project basis

✓ Providing maximum flexibility to meet diverse business requirements

✓ Dedicated Project Managers overseeing and consulting for Enterprise-level solutions

Unlock Your Growth Potential with Customized Logistics Solutions