Elevate order fulfillment with automated order assignment and monitoring across a network of in-house fleets and/or 3PLs. Our system boasts features like Monitoring, Demand-driven Mobilisation, Attendance Management/ Roster Planning, Configurable Zones and Real-time Reporting.

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Customized to meet the exact needs of your logistics operations, Enterprise offers scalability and flexibility within private cloud environments, ensuring efficient handling of large orders and fleet volumes. Achieve seamless integration with your enterprise's infrastructure and development, backed by SLAs aligned with your specific requirements.

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Key Features


Effortlessly Coordinate In-House Fleets and 3PLs

Utilize sophisticated order assignment rules to effectively centralize order management across Local and/or International Territories. The system seamlessly allocates tasks to appropriate in-house fleets or 3PLs, following designated criteria. Our in-house fleet app encompasses training modules, real-time tracking, roster function, mission incentives, and performance monitoring.

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Customized Solutions for Large Orders, Fleets, and Unique Requirements

Dedicated private cloud environments designed for comprehensive logistics solutions. Seamlessly integrating with multiple platforms, our system automatically dispatches extensive orders to various fleets, spanning from stores to customers. The solution includes intelligent route planning to optimize delivery across different cities.

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Embrace a worry-free business delivery operation


Your Trusted Partner for Logistics SaaS! At Smart Minds, we prioritize user experience, backed by our team's extensive logistics expertise, enabling us to understand your needs better. We don't just develop advanced features to address pain points in logistics operations across different industries, but we also take a more comprehensive approach for you. Our goal is to elevate your management efficiency, ensuring optimal resource utilization. This empowers you to save operational costs while remaining agile in response to market changes and demand fluctuations, maintaining your competitiveness. Let's collaborate and bring an even more exceptional experience to your customers!

Scale up O2O business

Fuel growth in online sales by elevating delivery quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction through a seamlessly integrated system

Enhance Service Excellence

Save time and eradicate delivery ambiguities, guiding customers towards boosting your revenue

Maximize Order Fulfilment

Streamline the order placement and delivery process through configurable intelligent assignment rules, enhancing utilization for increased sales capture

Optimize Delivery Routes

Leverage BI reporting and a cutting-edge in-house fleet or 3PL management system to swiftly mobilize resources, drive exceptional performance, and facilitate precise planning

Simplify Operations

Integrate effortlessly with your corporate architecture via agile API connections, encompassing POS, CRM, Mini-program, APP, and other operational systems, resulting in significant time and effort savings

Eliminate Uncertainties

Attain heightened visibility through real-time order tracking and dynamic quote time estimation, synchronizing customer, store, courier, and backend management processes

Innovative | Superior | Reliable

Small Steps, Remarkable Results!


30% Savings in Operational Costs


70% Reduction in Delivery Time


99% Reduction in Redelivery Instances


66% Reduction in CO2e per Trip

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